A Bigger and Better Way to Run Your Practice

If you are struggling with inefficient workflows and feeling a constant sense of overwhelm, you are likely aware of the negative impact this can have on the growth of your accounting firm.

Undoubtedly, you already know there must be a better way to do things.

It is a matter of taking the time to identify the right tools and implement them in your accounting practice. The idea is simple, but the actual action plan can seem elusive.

Yet it isn’t. In fact, the team at Canopy, a leading practice management software built for accounting firms, has published an eBook to help you achieve the goal of implementing technology that makes not only your workflows more efficient, but your life better, too.

Download the eBook—”The Better Way: Advance Your Accounting Workflow for a More Efficient and Empowered Practice”—for an action plan to create better firm operations and a more efficient day-to-day workflow.

The eBook provides an action plan for creating a winning workflow strategy in your firm by leveraging technology similar to how you would benefit from having a very high-performing employee.

In addition, it contains Canopy’s “Better Way, Better Firm Workflow Worksheet,” which details the specific actions you need to take so you can transform your firm and your day-to-day life with a smarter workflow strategy.

For example, you will learn how Canopy can help you:

  • Organize and track work across all of your team members, from seasoned CPAs to seasonal employees
  • Create completely customized workflow configurations to optimize the delivery of the client services you offer
  • Alleviate the stress of trying to stay on top of all of the work in your firm
  • Streamline and systematize internal and external communication to eliminate guesswork and inefficiencies

You will also see how using a single, cloud-based solution can reduce your technology overhead by eliminating the need to purchase multiple applications and budget for ongoing additions and upgrades for them.

Take action to optimize your workflow and work-life balance in the current firm-improvement season.

The post-tax season period is the perfect window of opportunity to consider a new workflow strategy for your firm, one that provides the highest levels of efficiency, accuracy and effective firm management.

Now that you have a clearer vision of the value a holistic approach to your firm’s workflow can provide, DOWNLOAD the eBook now.

Then, use it to identify the specific areas where opportunities exist to improve your practice workflow and benefit from the resulting positive operational gains.

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