Americans Scamper To Sell Failing Crypto Currencies Amid Industry Crash

Amid the industry-shaking crypto crash, Los Muertos has identified the cryptocurrencies that American sellers are desperate to shift.

The community-driven NFT project scoured online search trends to establish the cryptocurrency that each US state wants to sell the most.

Shiba Inu had the highest number of states wanting to sell the cryptocoin with a total of nineteen states, including Florida, Nevada, New York and Tennessee.

Shiba Inu was one of the most affected coins in the recent crypto market crash, tumbling from the £0.000002034 it was enjoying as recently as 12 April to an astonishing £0.000006695 this week (recorded at the time of writing).

However, it has been predicted that the coin will rebound and rise to $0.00015 in 2023; albeit an optimism view.

Bitcoin was the second most searched cryptocurrency to sell in America with seventeen states searching to sell Bitcoin more than any other cryptocurrency, including Oregon, Kansas, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

A total of eight states want to sell Dogecoin the most, the third-highest number in the research, including Hawaii, Minnesota, Wyoming and Delaware.

In the last week, Ethereum has crashed by more than 15 per cent, leading it to be four American states’ most searched cryptocurrency to sell, with states being Maine, California, Louisiana and Georgia.

Cardano was also the most popular cryptocurrency to sell in only three states – New Mexico, Utah and New Jersey.

Los Muertos describes its findings as an “insight into where various cryptocurrencies are potentially being sold from across America,” stating that “it will be interesting to see if these findings will be reflective in future prices.”

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