BTP, a Thrust Carbon partner in the Hotel Sustainability Index

Hotel Sourcing Solution Business Travel Performance Automation has launched a technology platform in partnership with sustainability technology company Thrust Carbon, to “address sustainability in the hotel sourcing process,” the companies jointly announced.

BTP Automation through the platform, called the BTP Green Care Index, will deliver “actionable pre-trip data, in real time through its Intelligent Hotel Sourcing technology with key hotel sustainability data and reports from Thrust Carbon in real time”, according to BTP.

“We believe this will further drive hotels to reduce their footprint to ensure they score higher in the BTP Automation system, creating a sustainability flywheel,” Thrust Carbon founder and director Kit Brennan said in a statement. release.

Thrust Carbon has partnered with several other travel and meeting data platforms, including Deem, Rocketrip, Troop and Travelogix to provide emissions data.

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