The Global Power Shift Isn’t West to East–It’s Not That Simple – Investment Watch

by Charles Hugh-Smith The mercantilist dependence on exports for growth, a winner for the past 70 years, has reached diminishing returns. Rather than be a source of growth, it’s a source of stagnation. Conventional wisdom holds that geopolitical power is inevitably shifting from West to East. It isn’t quite this simple. The real shift is … Read more

Fed Quantitative Frightening, Growing Recession Likelihood, Mortgage Rates And Gasoline Prices Drop Slightly (Out Of Time?) – Investment Watch

by confoundedinterest17 The US economy is out of time. As a recession approaches, we are seeing the WIRP implied Fed o/n rate (green line) declining. And with The Fed chickening-out, we saw a surge in equities (NASDAQ composite index in blue). Gasoline prices are falling too (orange line), but due to rising global economic slowdown. … Read more

REAL Average Wage Growth At -3.34% YoY, Real GDP Growth At … 0%) – Investment Watch

by confoundedinterest17 Alarm! No problemo, says James “Bully” Bullard, President of the St Louis Federal Reserve. Bullard said that US recession fears are overblown with consumers “healthy.” Really Jim? Inflation is so bad they REAL average hourly earnings growth keeps falling and is now -3.34% YoY. Apparently, real GDP growth of ZERO doesn’t bother Bullard … Read more

Fed Desperately Wants to Postpone Return to Reality – But It’s Not Going Well – Investment Watch

From Peter Reagan at Birch Gold Group “This crash beneath the surface showed something had broken, that the magic had died, that hypo and hoopla were suddenly unable to carry the day.”— Wolf Richter When one signal indicates a market crash that could lead to a full-blown recession, it’s pretty easy to downplay or just … Read more