Fluid Finance launches “revolutionary global super-app”

Fluid Finance, a newcomer on the banking scene, has launched its mobile app, which it dubs as a “financial super-app”.

Fluid Finance launches “revolutionary global super-app”

“This revolutionary global super-app will allow users to go in and out of the digital world in seconds, for free,” it claims.

Its offering – “the world’s first bank alternative linked to your Web3 wallet” – enables users to transfer, spend, swap and save.

The company was founded in 2021 and is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

“Our app will change the banking system for good,” states CEO and founder Robert Sharratt.

“Fluid Finance is driven by giving as much control as possible to our users. This is about control of your money, how you spend it, and how you hold it. Seamless technology, and a user-focused design will make this better than any exchange or banking service.”

The app offers its user to:

  • Drag and drop the funds between accounts. Users can instantly transfer money by dragging and dropping their money between Fluid accounts, traditional bank accounts and Web3 wallets.
  • Send and receive money by nickname.
  • Go between the traditional and digital worlds.
  • Get a virtual or physical Fluid card.
  • Become a member of Fluid Fam, by locking up one Fluid Token, and withdraw and spend the digital cash anywhere in the world.

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