Former witch, now a Christian, decides to pray on a plane

A self-proclaimed former witch announced that she is a Christian and describes an ongoing spiritual warfare battle before praying over the plane.

On what appears to be a flight to Las Vegas, or perhaps from Sin City, a self-proclaimed ex-witch sitting in the exit row announces to the plane that she used to be a witch. The anonymous woman is being filmed by someone, possibly someone she was traveling with, when she shows up on the plane, she describes an unseen battle in the spiritual realm and talks about how she loves Jesus now. She offers a prayer on behalf of the plane (which appears to be a Frontier Airlines flight). When it concludes, the passengers on the plane offer a handful of applause.

She then turns back to the camera and the tiniest of smiles creeps onto her face, giving some commenters on Reddit pause that this is all for the TikTok reel… instead of actually being real. You be the judge:

The comments on the viral Reddit post mostly criticize the young woman and split into two camps: is this a hack, or is this just another annoying passenger.

A commenter who goes by PoopCooper said: “Such fake BS. He immediately started reaching for his phone after his prayer. She was definitely more concerned with her TikTok moment than praying for people.”

Redditor rpnoonan offers this: “I know it shrinks a lot these days, but phew! This is one for the books.

Perhaps the most humorous comment came from a redditor who said, “The captain has turned on the no brainwashing sign.”

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