Practice Apps Sponsors at Scaling New Heights

Here are some of the Practice Software and Apps sponsors that can be found on the exhibit hall floor at this year’s “Scaling New Heights”.

Botkeeper genuinely may be the future of bookkeeping. This is about as close to full automation of the bookkeeping function as you can expect (at least for the present). It is automated bookkeeping with a human touch—better than humans, better than machines.

Botkeeper will automate your bookkeeping and pre-accounting tasks, solve your capacity problems, allow you to spend more time with your clients and seize the full business potential of your firm.

Botkeeper’s Smart Connect seamlessly handles multi-factor authentication security questions and one-time pass-codes via text or phone calls in order to pull in your clients’ account data from more than 16,000 financial institutions across the US and Canada in just a few simple steps .

Botkeeper’s machine learning modules use a combination of historical data and macro data to intuitively auto-categorize your clients’ transactions. Once the categorization is complete, the transactions will be automatically pushed to the General Ledger.

If the bot is less than 98% confident in the categorization, a skilled Botkeeper Accountant jumps in to assist and trains the machine, ensuring outreach to you is only leveraged as needed. The result is rapidly processed categorizations, always up-to-date financials, maximum efficiency, beyond-human accuracy and fewer interruptions for you and your clients.

Botkeeper’s customizable business insights provide you and your clients with helpful insights into both financial and non-financial data on a centralized platform available 24/7. You have never seen reporting as flexible or adaptable as Botkeeper’s Business Insights.

The Partner Program for CPAs, accountants, CFOs and bookkeeping firms offers the ability to evolve your firm from data entry and bookkeeping to advisory services. Bring your accounting or bookkeeping firm into the future with the Botkeeper Operating System, an all-in-one financial platform to manage all bookkeeping, communicate with clients and innovate your practice.

You can grow your practice and provide a seamless experience for your clients while keeping costs low and accuracy high. Botkeeper makes your firm more productive, while reducing stress and providing you with time for higher-value tasks.

Head over to the Botkeeper booth in the exhibit hall to find out more on how it can transform your practice. Or, learn what the bots can do for you at the Botkeeper website.

Client Hub is a simple, all-in-one client collaboration and workflow platform that brings together your team and your clients to get your work done more efficiently. It is a delightful way to manage your workflow with client communications built right in. Everything is in one place.

With Client Hub as your one-stop-shop for workflow, client communication, client portal, file sharing, and more, you will experience radically faster workflows and your clients will have a world-class experience.

While lots of best-of-breed apps will give you more overall features than Client Hub, every added feature creates cognitive complexity across your team. That cognitive friction impacts users in different ways. It can negatively impact your team’s productivity due to things like more time on-boarding and training new staff, spending time constantly evaluating new tools, integrating them, and more.

When everyone on your team is using the same tool, they are looking at the same data. Your team will have a better understanding of each client, and a single, shared understanding of how to best serve those clients.

The people at Client Hub are ready to help—whether you adopt Client Hub and replace all your current systems at one time, or you adopt a framework that lets you phase in how you implement it to manage client communications, then file management, and finally workflow management making up an all-in-one system.

Stop by the Client Hub booth in the exhibit hall to find out more, or head over to the Client Hub website for additional details.

Ignition is the world’s first client engagement and commerce platform for professional services businesses to streamline how they engage clients and get paid.

More than 5,000 accounting and professional services firms around the world use Ignition to win new business with impressive digital proposals, engage clients with a clear scope of work and get paid on time by automating payment collection.

When ignition started, it set out to help businesses do the things businesses must do without having to do them from scratch. It wanted to make it simple for new and growing businesses to get going by giving businesses what they needed to get new clients, to make it simple to get proposals into the hands of their clients, and to get clients signed-up on those proposals.

It also wanted to remove the barriers from the engagement process. You know, those tedious contracts and compliance requirements, along with the billing and payments process. That way a business could focus on their clients rather than processes.

The good news is that ignition accomplished exactly what they set out to do:

  • With its online proposals, you and your clients will be on the same page, right from the start. You will create impressive online proposals that make doing business simple and client payments a breeze.
  • Ignition engagement letters set the right expectation by outlining your services, pricing, billing frequency, and engagement terms all within one easy-to-sign online proposal. Your engagement letter and contract terms form part of your proposal to save time. With E-sign, clients can simply select the package, provide payment details and sign online, wherever they are.
  • Ignition removes the hassle from money conversations with automated client payments that make it convenient to pay and get paid from the moment your client signs the proposal. This means you will not be running around chasing clients for dollars any more.
  • Centralized billing puts you in control because all your client billing information is right where you need it. You will always know the status of upcoming client invoices and payments.
  • And in terms of staying on top of things, the ignition Dashboard puts you in control so you can make clear, confident decisions. Your sales pipeline, upcoming client renewals, and forecast revenue is at your fingertips.
  • Ignition also integrates with leading business apps such as QuickBooks, Xero, Gusto, Karbon and Zapier to automate time-consuming tasks.

To learn how to ignite new business for your firm, head over to the ignition booth in the exhibit hall. You also sign up for a demo or get more information at the ignition website.

Stop chasing clients for documents and give them an easy, secure, mobile file-sharing app they will love. Liscio is a modern, secure, mobile solution for firms to communicate with clients and exchange sensitive information, eSignatures and documents on the go.

These are but a few of the benefits of Liscio:

  • Liscio gives you a secure, spam-free, phish-free, quiet space to work with clients.
  • It enables clients to respond quickly right from their smartphones. They can scan and send documents on the go—you get them as a high-quality PDF.
  • It is too easy for urgent business to get buried in email, and clients want to text anyway. Liscio’s Real-Time Messaging is a secure hotline between you and your clients.
  • Always know the who, what and when with easy-to-track progress and ownership.
  • Client-facing tasks with text alerts and automated mobile reminders for overdue items keep clients on schedule.
  • Liscio makes it easy for clients to sign with eSign on-screen or print, sign and snap a pic. Compliant eSignature, communication, task tracking and files together mean no more hopping between apps.
  • Unlimited storage, you will never pay extra for Liscio Vault storage—it is all included.

  • Liscio’s mobile app gives your firm and your clients the freedom to collaborate on the go.
  • FirmView™ keeps it transparent with up-to-the-second task tracking that ensures everyone is on the same page for seamless, uninterrupted Firm-to-One Service™.
  • Anything you can print to PDF; You can securely share with clients with just a few clicks. No more uploading or downloading or asking clients to use a clunky portal.
  • Message templates create consistency and professionalism for your firm.

If you are tired of chasing, head to the Liscio booth in the exhibit hall and find out how accountants and bookkeepers can move faster with Liscio, or check out the Liscio website for more information.

SmartVault offers secure, cloud-based document management, client portals and automated document workflow options built explicitly for the unique needs of accounting professionals.

Whether you are looking to improve your current workflow or you are eager to start going paperless, the SmartVault integration with QuickBooks streamlines accounting services workflow. It permits you to work more efficiently with clients. SmartVault also integrates with Intuit’s Lacerte and ProConnect Tax.

You will manage users easily, cut down on manual tasks, and reduce human error with the role-based security and client-centric groups that SmartVault provides.

As a result, you will be primed to increase your value as a “Trusted Advisor” to your clients, while at the same time maximizing new capabilities that will impact your business and your bottom line when you use SmartVault.

If you have been looking for intelligent online document storage and secure file sharing, stop by the SmartVault booth in the exhibit hall. You also visit the SmartVault website for more information.

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