Reporting & Analytics Sponsors at Scaling New Heights 2022 (Part 1)

This is the first part in a series on reporting and analytic sponsors that can be found exhibiting at this year’s “Scaling New Heights.” As with some other categories, a few late-comers may have found their way into this category rather than an earlier one (in which they might have been more properly classified), even though this is a suitable alternative classification.

Jirav is a comprehensive business planning solution for small and medium companies that maximizes the collaborative value of forecasting, budgeting, reporting and analytics so leaders can drive their businesses forward with confidence and speed.

Jirav’s all-in-one financial planning and analysis software offers faster implementation and a more intuitive interface, enabling finance leaders to build financial models in hours, not days, and financial reports in minutes, not hours.

Jirav provides powerful business planning. Create workforce, sales and business plans with ease using its driver-based modeling engine.

  • Budget and forecast more accurately with a driver-based financial model that consolidates accounting, workforce and operational data
  • Re-forecast financial in minutes, then package and deliver reports customized to the needs of employees, management and the company board
  • Share plans, reports and dashboards with select individuals (with edit capabilities) and unlimited viewers (read-only users) to streamline collaboration and feedback

Jirav enables you to create reports that make a statement. It simplifies financial reporting and analysis, empowering company stakeholders with the data they need to make better business decisions.

  • Replace manual, time-consuming Excel spreadsheets with engaging visual reports
  • Because Jirav integrates with your accounting software, the latest actual financial data is easily incorporated into your customizable reporting package with just a few clicks
  • Jirav can prepare executive summaries of your key financial information and indicators teams to keep your business leaders and project focused on what matters
  • Jirav makes it simple to view performance from one budget to the next or budget versus actual(s) with easy to read variance reporting

Build financial dashboards that deliver real insights into your business. Jirav’s driver-based financial modeling software lets you combine financial and operational data into dashboards in order to report on virtually any Key Performance Indicator(s) important to you and your business.

  • Jirav lets you display a comprehensive view of your company with a financial dashboard that combines historical performance with projected business activity
  • Jirav dashboards give your stakeholders an in-depth look at the metrics that drive growth by combining financial and non-financial information
  • Jirav’s powerful financial dashboard software enables you to tailor your story to different audiences with easy to understand visuals; Empower employees and managers to see their performance during the month, not when data is already stale

If you have been looking for a different kind of reporting and analytics app, check out the all-in-one financial planning and analysis solution by Jirav while you are in the exhibit hall. You also can point your browser to the Jirav website for more details.

Jirav is a proud sponsor of the 2022 ProAdvisor of the Year and Top 100 ProAdvisors Awards Program.

Three decades ago, MAUS revolutionized the world of strategic planning with the first digitized business planning tool. Today, it is leading the industry in providing partner programs for strategic, business, financial and exit planning.

Its award-winning innovative business software provides a roadmap to guide your clients toward better strategies and practices while allowing you to grow your advisory practice in a way you have always envisioned.

  • MAUS Client Needs Analysis is the perfect tool for performing an initial audit of your clients business in minutes rather than hours. The tool provides a structured process with which to analyze a clients’ business and provide a detailed needs analysis and proposal report. Regardless of your background or skill level, this tool will give you both the information and the confidence you need in an initial client discovery meeting to win client advisory services.

  • MAUS MasterPlan Lean helps you create a client’s business plan using a guided set of questions that creates a dialogue between you and your client to determine strengths, weaknesses, competitive advantages and strategic growth options. The software then generates a detailed action plan and milestones for your client based on their strategic goals. The related tasks are delegated to their employees as part of the overall process, thus increasing accountability and helping to establish a pattern for regular monthly follow-up meetings which provide recurring revenue for the advisor.
  • The MAUS KPI Dashboard provides a powerful, but simple platform to display and understand every aspect of your clients business. You can easily work with your clients to develop their key financial and non-financial KPI’s that will be used to track and monitor their continuing progress. Then, with the click of a button convert all the data into a presentable snapshot your client will love, featuring traffic light reports and charts that can be customized to suit your client.

MAUS incorporates over 25 years of methodologies, systems, training and software to help business consultants, advisors and coaches build a successful practice without being tied into a franchise model.

Its offerings are designed for people who want all-inclusive programs providing not just software, but mentoring, training, marketing and lead gen resources, diagnostics, and the credibility of being part of an international network of advisors and consultants.

If you are looking for more than just another analytics app that leaves you asking, “What do I do with this?” head over to the MAUS booth in the exhibit hall. You also can find out more at the MAUS website.

PlanGuru helps thousands of businesses, nonprofits and their advisors drive better decision-making through time-tested processes. Budget, forecast and provide insight with analytics in an affordable, easy-to-use app.

With PlanGuru’s QuickBooks Online and Desktop integrations, a fully custom three-way forecast with KPIs is set up in minutes. Its turn-key design allows you to quickly create unlimited scenarios that will help your clients make better, more insightful decisions.

  • PlanGuru’s Budgeting and Financial Analytics let you set financial goals and assign accountability for results. You will be able to analyze financial performance in a timely and practical way that drives better decisions.
  • The PlanGuru Rolling Forecast will let you understand the full implications of your decisions on profitability and cash before you make them. These forecasts allow you to adapt quickly and confidently to a changing world.
  • PlanGuru’s Strategic Planning feature defines a long-term vision for your company, so you can get everyone working in the same direction. You will run what-if scenarios to evaluate risks and opportunities.

With PlanGuru you will:

  • Forecast all three financial statements — With an integrated income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement, PlanGuru provides more than 20 powerful forecasting methods, which allow you to project for up to 10 years. These include intelligent, turn-key methods, plus the ability to build custom business drivers, including non-financial data.
  • Perform analysis in minutes – With their general ledger import utilities, you will be able to import historical results in only a few minutes. Then, every month, you will be able to view the budget versus actual reports and build rolling forecasts.
  • Have unlimited budgeting flexibility — PlanGuru provides a flexible structure that will allow you to create a simple high-level small business budget or a detailed multi-department operating budget with consolidations.
  • Provide better decision-making using scenario analysis – PlanGuru’s robust planning framework provides a forecasting tool that can interpret the likely financial impact of specific events with greater precision. By building scenario analysis in PlanGuru, you can make the crucial investments and strategic decisions with confidence that you have done your due diligence.
  • Gain previously unattainable insights – PlanGuru’s Reporting Tool lets you view aspects of your business that are working and ones that are not. With those insights, you will be able to make the adjustments that will help your business succeed.

Why not gain some valuable insights for yourself by stopping at the PlanGuru booth in the exhibit hall to learn more about this analysis tool. Of course, you also can visit the PlanGuru website.

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