Reporting & Analytics Sponsors at Scaling New Heights (Part 2)

Continuing our series on analytic apps, here are a few of the additional sponsors you will find on the exhibit floor at this year’s “Scaling New Heights” in Orlando, Florida.

You may see lots of different apps for reporting, statistics and data-metrics while you are at “Scaling New Heights,” but there will only be one that can link business activities and goals with your financial data. PATH by Simplex Financial is the app you need as a trusted advisor to link the recommendations and agreed-on accomplishments of your clients with their financial goals and budgets.

The PATH Platform is where companies can connect and collaborate their financial and non-financial information in ways their team gains insight into the company’s objectives, goals, history and culture.

It provides these companies with the ability to tell the company’s story. PATH is designed for both companies and their financial advisors by providing communications beyond the company itself, enabling trusted advisors to tap directly into their clients’ data.

With PATH, financial advisors can provide key information and resources to a company to assist them with critical decision-making.

Financial advisors can quickly access any information from any of their clients. And, with the PATH mobile App a financial advisor, they can access that information from anywhere they have internet service.

Advisors can manage all their PATH based clients from a single platform, affording a quick response to any clients’ request and answers to essentially any question from the vast wealth of information that PATH provides.

PATH gives financial advisors the kind of financial computations, sophisticated analytics and instant notifications that they need to keep their clients in touch with their financial situations, so they not only stay on top of their current needs, but their future requirements.

And because financial advisors will easily be able to tie significant financial data and reporting to their actual achievements using features like Business Snapshots, Analysis and Data Mash, each client will be impressed with the quality of the actionable deliverables provided by the advisor from the resources PATH make possible.

PATH makes it easy for financial advisors to demonstrate and provide the value clients are looking for from their financial advisors by consistently having the ability to not only diagnose financial issues but forecast financial futures.

Whether you are an accountant, bookkeeper or QuickBooks ProAdvisor, you can steer a new PATH for your advisor’s success and each of your clients. All you have to do is head over to the PATH by Simplex Financial booth in the exhibit hall. For more details, you also can check out the PATH by Simplex Financial website.

Reach Reporting gives you the ability to create financial reports and dashboards from your QuickBooks Online and Desktop data in a fairly simple to use interface that auto-populates your pre-configured templates. This makes your information available when you need it.

Reach Reporting is a reporting app using your QuickBooks data for the purpose of producing information resources in the form of reports or dashboards—it is not updating your actual QuickBooks data.

The app makes it simple to design reports from a library of templates that have been configured to meet the most common financial display requirements. You can get daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual reports in a wide range of designs.

There are nearly two-dozen industry-standard templates pre-configured with accountants and clients both in mind. By using these financial report templates in your report preparation process, you will greatly simplify your reporting tasks. That means saving time, which means reducing expenses.

You have full customization capabilities because Reach is built on top of a spreadsheet infrastructure. That gives you the freedom to create in a familiar environment. It is easy to pull live data from your connected accounting system so that you can automatically create charts and graphs to be inserted into any report.

Reach also offers a range of templates for dashboards designed to show you the data that truly matters. Once you build a dashboard, you can share a web address to a specific dashboard. This enables you to share the live data with anyone you want.

In addition, you can set restrictions so that they can “view only” or have limited update permissions to the dashboard data.

In addition to working with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop, Reach Reporting also works with Xero—and can be found at the Xero App Marketplace.

If you are looking for new and improved reporting capabilities, check out the Reach Reporting booth in the exhibit hall or visit the Reach Reporting website.

Uncat is not your typical reporting or analytics app. It is what you might consider an informational app. But since there really was not a category for informational apps in our features, we “uncatted” it into the reporting and analytics category.

Uncat, which has officially been around as an app in the QBO App Store since November 2020, was developed to provide accounting professionals and their clients with the ability to quickly recognize and resolve uncategorized transactions within their accounting data.

Rather than an accountant or bookkeeper reviewing a client’s QuickBooks file, creating and exporting a spreadsheet of uncategorized transactions, sending and asking for information as to the purpose of each, and then entering the information manually when they get information, the app developers decided there had to be a better way.

Uncat automatically notifies clients if there are uncategorized transactions. Clients simply click a link to add descriptions and attachments for each transaction.

The transactions with the client information then appear on the accounting professional’s dashboard where additional information such as vendor, class, location or more can be incorporated into the transaction.

Then, the transaction with the updated data is synchronized to QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop or Xero.

If you are tired of handling uncategorized transactions the old fashioned way, go by the Uncat booth to GetRDun. You also can learn how to “stop herding cats” at the Uncat website.

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