Riney Hancock merges in Umbach

Riney Hancock CPAs PSC, a firm in Owensboro, Kentucky, is adding Umbach and Associates, LLC in Evansville, Indiana, effective July 1.

The deal will bring additional leadership to Riney Hancock and enable the firm to expand its Evansville, Indiana location with larger offices than it currently has been occupying. As part of the deal, partners Warren J. Ingram, Michael S. Haynes and Principal Peter M. Schutzius will join the Riney Hancock leadership team. Jennifer H. Gudorf will be promoted to director of tax in the Evansville office. Financial terms and revenue figures were not disclosed.

Riney Hancock CPAs dates back to 1973 and specializes in financial advisory services for businesses and individuals, wealth and investment management services, personal financial planning, comprehensive tax planning and consulting, litigation support and valuations, and medical and dental practice management consulting.

Riney Hancock CPAs headquarters in Owensboro, Kentucky

The combined firm will now have a team of 10 shareholders and a professional and support staff of more than 40 team members. Prior to the merger, Umbach had two partners and 10 professionals and staff, while Riney Hancock had seven shareholders and 30 professionals and staff.

Riney Hancock previously expanded in early 2018 by merging in McElroy, Mitchell & Associates LLP in Henderson, Kentucky.


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