Exit planning for clients, with empathy

My client, a third-generation owner-operator of what had been a very successful regional retail operation, was about 70 years old. Competition, supply challenges and labor issues had gradually eroded performance over the prior 30 years until there was no profit left. When you walked in the front door, the sense of pain and foreboding was … Read more

6 tips for launching advisory services in your accounting firm

As I discussed in a previous article, client accounting services or advisory accounting can be highly beneficial for accountants — offering the opportunity to earn more and enjoy a better work-life balance. There are several ways to get started in offering CAS to clients, but I have outlined six effective actions to help with this … Read more

Advisory services you can start offering today

The demand for advisory services has never been higher. When it comes to making their most important business and financial decisions, your clients want someone in their corner who has a varied and intimate knowledge of their business. But what do advisory services in accounting look like? Most definitions of advisory services are vague to … Read more

Consulting industry M&A could get boost from EY’s possible split

Dealmaking in the consulting world has slowed after a record-setting pace in 2021, but demand for digital expertise along with a shakeup at one of the Big Four accounting firms should keep the deals flowing. US consulting-industry mergers and acquisitions have cooled this year due to rising interest rates, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and increased … Read more

Cast of characters in economic development projects need good direction

I recently attended a theatrical production that involved 80 actors under the age of 18. You can imagine some of the challenges that had to be surmounted along the way — competing interests, talents and attention spans. But with the help of a dedicated director, the performance was a success. Successful economic credits and incentives … Read more