How would API banking affect India’s banking sector?

How would API banking affect India’s banking sector? New-age fintech businesses are currently causing a slew of changes in the financial services industry. Indian banks have made their application programming interfaces (APIs) public, allowing third parties to build on them, innovate, and offer new goods and services. As a result of the transition, the way … Read more

Tips for Financial planning for New-age Couples

Tips for Financial planning for New-age Couples For a long-term relationship, financial chemistry may be just as crucial as personal chemistry. It is critical to have a common basis for financial planning in today’s world when both members in a relationship are earning and financially independent. Money is a touchy subject that demands a thorough … Read more

Parameswaran Iyer appointed as CEO of NITI Aayog

Parameswaran Iyer appointed as CEO of NITI Aayog The Department of Personnel and Training announced that Former Drinking Water and Sanitation Secretary Parameswaran Iyer has been appointed as the CEO of NITI Aayog. Shri Parameswaran Iyer has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer for a term of two years. After the current CEO Amitabh Kant’s … Read more

MHA extends Validity of expiring FCRA Certificates of NGOs till 30th Sept

MHA extends Validity of expiring FCRA Certificates of NGOs till 30th Sept The Ministry of Home Affairs video Notification No. 11/21022/23(22)/2020-FCRA-III dated 22nd June 2022 extends Validity of expiring FCRA Certificates of those NGOs whose renewal applications are pending or whose validity is going to expire soon till Sept 30. The Notification is Given Below: … Read more

Core Banking Can Be Deployed Successfully in the Cloud and Community Banks Should Cheer

The mainstream acceptance of the cloud as a practical deployment option presents new opportunities for financial services institutions, especially for community banks. A decade ago the cloud was reserved for edge applications like CRM and HR, but today deposits and lending solutions can be offered effectively, efficiently, and securely in the cloud. The State of … Read more

Moon. An Overview of the Global Open Banking Market

As the banking industry continues to develop, open banking is becoming popular as it allows consumers to enjoy faster, cheaper and more personal banking solutions. The fintech industry needs to recognise that open banking is a major source of innovation and is set to revolutionize the banking industry. What is open banking?Open banking can be … Read more

Why is Crypto Down?

A variety of factors have played a role into the ongoing volatility and downward trend in prices for cryptocurrency investments. While cryptocurrencies have vaulted in terms of mainstream interest as a radical new form of investment, their ever-present volatile nature has continued to plague investors. Here the Investing News Network (INN) offers a breakdown what … Read more

The battle against financial terrorism demands every tool in the box

Meeting the requirements of ever-evolving anti-money laundering (AML) and counter terrorist financing (CTF) laws, regulations and guidance is no mean feat. The sheer depth and breadth of requirements from such as wide range of bodies, can be daunting for even the most seasoned industry experts. The first place they might look in relation to AML … Read more

Bank Branch Transformation: Finding the Right Mix

Bank branch networks continue to decline steadily. Consumer research shows that UK banks are cutting branches at a rate of 60 per month[1], and a similar pattern is apparent in many other countries. Few doubt that the future of banking is largely digital, so how will bank branches survive? This blog explores a new role … Read more

The Top 5 Development Tips for Building a Metaverse

All eyes are glued toward the metaverse and its revolutionary uses. But, what are the creators thinking when developing one? The metaverse community is growing at a frantic pace. Market forecasts have already suggested an upcoming economy exceeding valuations of USD 1 trillion. The progress has been multi-faceted. The objective is separate for metaverse-building companies … Read more