the back of a woman’s neck “explodes” in mid-flight!

A new viral video is sweeping the internet where a recently operated woman shares her unpleasant experience when her wounds explode mid-flight.

A popular TikToker shared a short clip from her recent travel experience that instantly went viral. The woman, who goes by @Polish_99 on TikTok, had apparently just had neck lift surgery, as well as a procedure known as “fox eye.” Two doctors had given her permission to travel, even though she was still stitched up and fresh off the operating table.

In the middle of the flight he woke up with a terrible pain behind his ear and got up to use the bathroom. While she was in the bathroom, she heard an audible snap and then felt great running down the back of her head and neck.

His wound had “exploded” due to air pressure.


I still don’t realize how gross that was

♬ Them Changes (Accelerated) – Thundercat

In a series of other videos he posted, he explains the situation in more detail, including describing his situation to a flight attendant who offered him a compress to keep pressure on the wound until they landed.

According to, he ended up with a wound infection that healed. Of course ever influential, the woman shared videos of herself on TikTok as she sang a catchy tune in full bandages.

We are all completely grossed out and can only imagine how the flight attendant who helped her deal with the festering wound must have felt. ROUGH!

For the curious reader, “fox eye” surgery is an eye lift procedure designed to “fix” droopy eyes by lifting the corner of the eye with the goal of making it more almond-like in shape. It is sometimes referred to as the “almond eye” procedure or even the “cat’s eye” procedure.

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