The main international destinations for Americans are all in Mexico, according to Tripadvisor

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It’s no surprise that travel isn’t slowing down any time soon, especially when Tripadvisor reports that more than two-thirds of global travelers are planning a trip between December and February. but where will they all go?

Tripadvisor can give a good indication, having recently conducted a survey in six of its markets, including the US, UK, Australia and Japan, to learn about some of the travel trends for the upcoming season and ideas may surprise you.

Cabo San Lucas at sunset, Tripadvisor

How do the top international destinations in the United States compare to others?

Each market ranked their top domestic and international destination, and the overall findings supported that 30% of all respondents plan to vacation closer to home, as evidenced by each country’s selection of top international destinations.

Dancers in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Tripadvisor

Americans chose Mexico and the Caribbean in eight out of ten of their top destinations, with Mexico representing four destinations in the top five. Mexico is a popular choice for Christmas this year and has many reasons for attracting so many Americans.

Meanwhile, the UK gravitated towards international destinations in Europe, such as Paris, France, Amsterdam, the Netherlands and multiple locations in Spain. Australia chose six out of ten destinations in Thailand, while both Japan and Singapore selected Bangkok, Thailand, Seoul, South Korea and Paris, France in their top five.

The most popular global destinations among all Tripadvisor respondents represented a mix of major cities and winter sun favourites, with London coming out on top, followed by Paris, New York City, Cancun and Dubai.

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Cancun Mexico, Tripadvisor

How do US travel behaviors compare to other markets?

Tripadvisor reported that traveler appetite has shown no signs of slowing down despite rising costs with global inflation. More respondents than last year favored international travel, up from 40% to 43%, showing strong demand for international travel. Other highlights included:

  • Americans are more likely to travel the same amount or more compared to last year; 93% of US respondents will travel the same amount or more, while the UK ranks lowest at 86%.
  • The United States ranks lower than other markets for travel this upcoming season: more than two thirds of global participants plan to travel for the upcoming season, while the United States appears as the fourth country with 59%.
  • Americans will take more 6+ trips compared to other markets. Other markets accounted for higher numbers for just one or two trips.
  • After Japan, Americans travel the least internationally. Nearly a quarter of US respondents will travel internationally, compared to nine in 10 Singaporeans and half of UK respondents.
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  • More Americans will return to destinations they have visited before: nearly three-quarters of US respondents (73%) will return to the same destination, compared to other markets (68%).
  • US respondents are nearly on par with the world in changing their travel habits based on the rising cost of living. This shows that almost two-thirds of the networks have been affected by the rising cost of living, the same for Americans (61% said they would change their travel habits compared to 62% of all respondents).
Playa Del Carmen Mexico

What are the top 5 international destinations for Americans?

  • 1. Cancun, Mexico: With its beautiful turquoise waters, white-sand beaches, and vibrant coral reefs, it’s no surprise that Cancun is one of Mexico’s most popular destinations and a favorite of Spring Breakers. Visitors will find plenty of action, from visiting underwater sculptures to its non-stop nightlife.
  • 2. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: Located between the desert, the sea and the mountains, this place is perfect for nature lovers with waterfalls in the deserts, hot springs and plenty of marine life, or for foodies where local flavors come alive with the Bajan specialties such as fresh seafood. toast and clams with chocolate. Cabo also recently surpassed Puerto Vallarta and Cancun for Best Destination at a major Mexican awards show.
  • 3. Punta Cana, Caribbean– From sunbathing on Macao beach to partying in a cave nightclub after dark, indulgence has become synonymous with this pure escape in the Dominican Republic with all-inclusive resorts and breathtaking attractions to visit, from magical lagoons to impressive islands. It is very likely that Punta Cana will have a record winter.
Punta Cana, Caribbean
  • 4. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico– A playground for nature enthusiasts, history buffs, and partiers, this once sleepy fishing village has become a lively hotspot with plenty of fun bars and boutiques to explore.
  • 5. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: This resort town will offer plenty of shops and tequila stops along its boardwalk or hit the cobblestone streets of Old Vallarta for something more handmade. There is plenty of art to see, from sand sculptures on the beach to fine art galleries.
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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