Virginia Soc. of CPAs names 2022-2023 scholarship recipients

The Virginia Society of Public Accountants Educational Foundation has named its college scholarship recipients for the 2022–2023 academic year.

The Foundation awarded $59,250 in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral scholarships this year to 28 accounting college students across Virginia. The Foundation also increased the amount of minority scholarships it offered by 25%.

Virginia State University student Indacia Turner, of Chesterfield, also received the inaugural Curtis C. Duke and Dr. Ruth Coles Harris Scholarship, honoring the first Black male and female CPAs in Virginia. VSCPA members and donors raised $100,000 for the new scholarship fund.

Scholarship applicants must be currently enrolled or have been accepted in an accounting program at an accredited Virginia college or university with the intent to pursue CPA licensure. Other selection criteria for scholarships include academic performance, an entry essay, faculty recommendation and/or extracurricular activities.

The 2022-2023 VSCPA scholarship recipients include:

VSCPA’s Past President’s/Chair Scholarship ($2,000)

  • Youjin Lee – University of Virginia

VSCPA Minority Scholarship ($1,500-2,000)

  • Trinity Burton of Petersburg – Virginia State University
  • Simranjeet Kaur of Midlothian – Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Rebecca Le of Highland, MD – Christopher Newport University
  • Stephen Nkrumah of Alexandria – George Mason University
  • Darrell Pacheco of Charlottesville – University of Virginia Darden School of Business
  • Nigel Stewart of Waynesboro – Virginia State University
  • Ryan VanHorn of Virginia Beach – Old Dominion University

VSCPA Undergraduate Scholarship ($1,500)

  • Angela Blair – Liberty University
  • Kristen Hoberg – Old Dominion University
  • Olivia Tillett – Virginia Tech

Curtis C. Duke and Dr. Ruth Coles Harris Scholarship ($2,000)

  • Indacia Turner – Virginia State University

CST Group Scholarship ($3,000)

  • Alina Ponomarenko – George Mason University

DHG Scholarship ($2,500)

  • Madeline Duggan – Virginia Tech
  • Julia Warshauer – Virginia Tech

H. Burton Bates Jr. Scholarship ($2,250)

  • Jordan King – Radford University

Michael E. Mares Scholarship ($2,250)

  • Amanda Baker – Old Dominion University
  • Justin Seymore – Virginia Tech

MJW Scholarship ($2,500)

  • Natalie Nguyen – George Mason University
  • Mariam Farzayee – Virginia Tech

Samuel A. Derieux, CPA, Memorial Scholarship ($1,500)

  • Carla Quinteros – Virginia Commonwealth University

Thomas M. Berry Jr. Scholarship ($2,000)

  • Nebiyat Endale – George Mason University
  • Hector Luna – Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Esayas Temesgen – Virginia Commonwealth University

Verus Financial Partner Scholarship ($3,000)

  • Ainsley Duff – Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech Doctoral Scholarship ($3,000)

  • Karneisha Wolfe of Blacksburg – Virginia Tech

WEC Scholarship ($3,000)

  • Ethan Paitsel – Roanoke College

YHB Scholarship ($3,000)

  • Jeffrey Kum – Virginia Commonwealth University

For more information, head to the Educational Foundation’s site here.


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